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Teste seu conhecimento em Inglês e descubra seu nível

Choose the best answer A,B,C or D.
Questions get harder or easier according to your answer

A) Had we all remembered
B) All we had remembered
C) We had all remembered
D) Had all we remembered

A) Would have agreed
B) Would agree
C) Did agree
D) Had agreed

A) will get
B) get
C) are going to get
D) are getting

A) Passed
B) Took
C) Did
D) Spent

A) Used
B) Would
C) Was
D) Should

A) I had known
B) Had I known
C) Had known I
D) Known had I

A) Tour
B) Travel
C) Circuit
D) Trip

A) But for
B) Thanks to
C) Except for
D) Unless

A) Durable
B) Ongoing
C) Lasting
D) Irrevocable

A) Whenever
B) Since
C) Whether
D) Although

A) Whereas
B) However
C) However
D) Although

A) Would have warned
B) Might have warned
C) Could be warning
D) Should be warning

A) roundly
B) harshly
C) strenuously
D) severely

A) Sets in
B) Sets on
C) Sets off
D) Sets down

A) Toast
B) Cook
C) Bake
D) Burn